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Wednesday, September 14, 2022





To build a thriving business, YOU need to thrive! The fabulous Laura Valvasori from Good to Grow Marketing, is going to show us exactly what we need to do. So don’t miss this brilliant presentation!

Laura will share some key strategies from her new book, “Good to Grow: Cultivate Your Mindset and Habits to Thrive as an Entrepreneur”, which officially launches on September 20th, 2022. This is a chance to get a sneak peek into the book before the release!

Laura wrote Good to Grow to help both new and seasoned entrepreneurs cultivate the right mindset and habits to thrive and build a successful business and life they love. She will not only share some of her insights and strategies, but we will also have an opportunity to discuss the concepts in small groups.

Here’s what early readers are saying…

“I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners and what I know for certain is that the biggest barrier to business growth is the business owner not having the right mindset. I highly recommend this book to business owners at all stages. Laura makes readers feel confident that they are not alone, and she gives them tools to get into the business owner’s mindset. I loved the curated resources and really appreciated the exercises for self-discovery, practice, and reinforcement.”
— Judi Hughes | Partner, Your Planning Partners Ltd.

“Good to Grow both teaches and inspires. Rich in detail and full of poignant insights, this book is an indispensable introduction to entrepreneurship that guides readers through important areas for reflection. While the book is written from the point of view of a woman and mother, it provides businesses of any nature with action steps for every stage of growing a business.”
— Barbara Mowat | President & Founder, GroYourBiz Ltd.

Laura Valvasori – Bio

Laura Valvasori is a Marketing Foundations Strategist & Mentor for Entrepreneurs and the Owner of Good to Grow Marketing. Through her experience of leaving her corporate job to pursue self-employment, Laura has learned that you need to change and grow as a person when shifting from employee to entrepreneur.

Laura is on a mission to help businesses get clear, organized and into action so that they can grow to their full potential.

Laura’s debut book Good to Grow empowers both new and seasoned entrepreneurs to cultivate the right mindset and habits to thrive and build a successful business, and life they love.

So please don’t miss this brilliant presentation!